Executive Summary

Competitive Edge

    Breakthrough DVB broadcast core technology, HD Wavelet Video Compression through standard Transport
    Cutting edge Linux-based DVB/ATSC platform software stack with 3D OpenGL user interface support
    Streamlined low cost Set Top Box hardware reference design based on multi-core System On Chip
    Legacy HD/SD video formats support, including H264/Blu-Ray, MPEG2/4, etc...

Primary Target Markets

    TV Broadcast Networks - Satellite, Terrestrial, Cable and IP
    TV Content Production
    Set Top Box retail market

Other Targets

    Digital Video Industries and Private Networks
    High Definition Video Conferencing
    Military embedded video systems

Legacy Technologies Support

    Digital Video Broadcast Platform Software Code (Linux 4.2 based)
    Legacy Digital HD Video Support (H264,VC1-Blu-Ray)
    Upcoming Proprietary Digital HD Video Support, Wavelet Technology
    Customizable Modern 3D user interface and Middleware
    ST-Microelectronics STB Hardware design


    Digital Video Set Top Box - Satellite, Terrestrial, Cable and IP
    Encoding Equipment and/or software (Legacy and Proprietary Wavelet formats support)