While paving the way to optimal video transport and achieving ultimate scalability due to combined Wavelet compression techniques fostering a radically different approach to video encoding, CTI's CrystalWave® embedded digital video platform delivers de facto support for legacy formats such as MPEG2 and more recent H264 HD feeds.

Recently ported to consumer hardware reference designs and fine-tuned to multi-core HD Set Top Box System-On-Chip low-cost architectures, CrystalWave® was originally destined to - low latency - high quality - digital video rack-mount systems packed with DSP arrays horsepower.

Instigated by a strong military demand for a new breed of resilient digital video encoding and transport over their encrypted networks, those military-grade systems featuring original versions of CrystalWave® video compression technology were delivered to large US defence contractors almost a decade ago under the code-name IRIS.

Furthermore, our relentless R&D effort in the field of wavelet mathematics spans over two decades, stemming from a joint research program initiated in the late 80's with the department of Applied Mathematics - University of Provence France.